Fun in Cesenatico Riviera Adriatica

Things to do in the nearby of the hotel:

For your entertainment there is the nearby swimming pool "Atlantica",  a beautiful water-park for adults and children with great pools, water slides, water games and children's pool (see photo on the page).

Lots of fun with the whole family, you can also in many different amusement parks in close proximity such as: Mirabilandia, Fiabilandia, Le Navi, Oltremare, Mini Italia, etc. .

For active holidaymakers are in close proximity to many sporting facilities like tennis courts, volleyball, mini golf, gym, bodybuilding, go-kart or mini-bike ride, bike tours, fishing on the lake or at sea organized by boat, bike trips in our beautiful hills . Horse riding and golf course are also nearby.



Things to do in the surrounding: